I worked primarily as a dancer, theatre actor, writer and teacher for over twenty-five years before beginning life as a Family Constellations practitioner. 


My arts practice always brought forth opportunities to explore the world of therapeutic work and healing. However, I was determined to be a performer and mostly engaged with therapy and healing only as long as it helped me be better on stage.


It was during the few years preceding the pandemic that I was brought to a place of reckoning with my past through a deep anguish, grief and anger that came with my experience of life until then. I had also been wracked with an inexplicable pain in my body which I'd been working with for over a decade.

Through constellations, I saw the dynamics in my family system and how they affected me. I became aware of the incredible gifts my family system has given me and was able to navigate these times with humility, love and grace.

I offer this work now to anyone who may require it who is 13+ years of age. You're welcome to get in touch. I look forward to being of service.