"Healing is a gift…healing happens because forces are at work; forces that extend far beyond the individual."

~ Bert Hellinger in No Waves Without the Ocean

Greetings. I am Sunitha, a practitioner of Family Constellations Therapy and founder of The Metta Way, based in Bangalore, India.  

Family Constellations Therapy was evolved by German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger. The foundation of this work is the systemic view, which sees every individual as part of a system, the primary and most important being the family. 

At its core, this work is a profoundly transformative understanding of love and the many ways it creates enduring bonds amongst family members and binds them to their family systems. We begin to understand the origins of our suffering and difficulties through constellations.


It allows us to begin healing by releasing what doesn't serve us. It enables to live fearlessly authentic, present and empowered lives. 

The Metta Way offers individual and group sessions of this work, online and in-person (in Bangalore). Please write to the.metta.way.is@gmail.com or leave a message on the Contact page of this site with your enquiries. 

Photograph courtesy: Reena Chengappa